A Winter Secret

Although originally formulated for use in the great Canadian outdoors, this "secret" formula has served many an urban dog. Musher's Secret once used for mushing or sled dog racing, is now used as an "invisible boot"to combat winter conditions of ice, snow and worst of all salt. Its a dense non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining wax based cream containing vitamin E that forms an invisible but breathable barrier between the pad and outdoor surfaces. What's not well that known is that Musher's Secret is effective year round-it helps in dealing with hot concrete pavement in the summertime. Continous use is actually a better preventative against the winter salt as it moisturizes and conditions the pads preventing the occurence of cracks-which allows the salt to penetrate and cause discomfort. If you haven't already, its best to start conditioning the pads now so that they are in good health before the challenges of winter weather arrive.


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