'Herbs can serve as tonics and builders that strengthen organs, glands and tissues in specific parts of the body'.

Herbs for Dogs and Cats By Estelle Hummel.

There is very interesting book called 'Wild Health' by Cindy Engels that is an intriguing study into why animals do certain things like rolling and grass eating and actively seeking medicinal plants to eat. I particularly like the idea of a broad range of nutritional sources and the occasional use of herbs as medicinal food, as in the quote above, to serve as tonics. I have a few pots of herbs growing on the kitchen window sill and just as I occasionally use them myself I also sometimes chop up a few leaves for Eti.

Oregano is known for boosting immunity and having antioxidant properties. Eti's breakfast this morning, ground beef (with vegetables), beef liver, oregano, 1/4 clove garlic.

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