Good Egg

'Eggs are absolutely brilliant nutrition for your dog. Eggs are a whole food, and often regarded as having the perfect protein. It is the one against which all other proteins are measured. Eggs contain a full compliment of minerals, including excellent levels of calcium (mostly in the yolk), all the vitamins except vitamin C and a range of high quality saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, the nutrient lecithin and the whole range of enzymes and other longevity factors always present in raw foods. Egg yolks are an essential food for a dog with skin problems. They contain sulphur containing amino acids, biotin, vitamin A, essential fatty acids and zinc.'

From Dr. Billinghurst's Barfworld

Additionally, the shell is a further source of calcium and trace minerals. Grinding the shell makes it more bioavailable and reduces any risk of shells irritating the system. I use a mortar but you can also wash and dry the shells and put them through a grinder/processor. Home Ground eggshells are also a slightly better source of calcium than commercially prepared bonemeal-which is usually cooked and processed.

With the availability of Omega 3 enriched eggs, created by feeding hens a diet that includes flaxseed, eggs are another source for this important nutrient. DHA eggs, from hens fed algae or kelp, and other green foods are even better.

Eti gets one egg a week. His breakfast this morning, in the photo, is ground duck with vegetables, one egg with ground shell and a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

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