New Supplements

Having finally completed the giant container of NUPRO -an all purpose supplement that I have been adding to Eti's meals, I've decided to shift to other sources. NUPRO had some good ingredients-enzymes, acidophilus, kelp, garlic; but also a lot of unnecessary ingredients like bee pollen(not effective for allergies unless its from local sources)and ground flaxseed (not a goood source of omega 3,does not keep well once ground).

The general direction I want to move in is to get the supplements from as natural or least contaminated or processed dietary source as possible. For Omega3's , I continue to feed him mackerel, omega3 eggs and green tripe so I only want to supplement this 2-3 days a week. I'm now using 1000mg capsules of Fish Body Oil from Wholefoods squeezed onto his meal once a day. For a probiotic I'm using kefir-also from Wholefoods.

In the photo of his breakfast this morning he has 5 oz of ground lamb/w bone (no vegetables), a teaspoon of kefir, a quarter clove of crushed garlic and a capsule of fish body oil


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